Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Live Room

Hi Everyone

I have just started this blog as I am starting a live forex trading room and I would like people to join us so if you are interested in forex trading let me know

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  1. How to Succeed in the Forex Market
    I get a lot of emails from beginning traders asking questions such as "I'm new, can you give me any tips?" or "are you really a full-time trader? How can I get started doing that?" Well, I'm sure this won't answer all questions but I started this to be a learning experience for other traders and myself as well. Below let me share with you some of thoughts on how to succeed in the Forex Market and how to be a successful currency trader.

    First off, if you are new and frustrated let me tell you I know exactly how you feel. When I started out I made every mistake you could. First I tried scalping (I didn't know that was what it was called then, I just sold if I saw a huge green stick and bought if I saw a huge red one). I made a few pips at a time. If I got too far under I just bought more lots to get a "net position". That worked great for a few weeks even until a one giant trade where I had bought four extra lots to "get a net position" wiped out all of my profits and then some! Big mistake. Next I tried trading the news. There was always a rise or fall with interest rate changes and all you had to do was buy or sell in the right direction, right? Sounds simple. In practice it is a little bit harder. Liquidity drops like a rock. The market tends to whipsaw, knock out stops or even go in the wrong direction you would expect it to. Again, Big Mistake. Lost a hundred pips on that one too.

    And this a regular lot sized account, too, not a mini-lot account. Ouch.Many new traders at this point give up and go back to their day jobs. Maybe I was smart, maybe it was dumb of me to stick with it but I did and I'm glad every day that I did. I went back to my demo account and figured out some trading systems that worked for all occassions. I read some books, took some online classes and kept plugging away at the demo account. After I felt confident enough that I knew what I was doing I started slowly trading real lots again. And I started winning. Occasionally I still will go back to demo accounts every once in awhile if I suffer too many losses and I lose confidence. Usually though I just keep using the same systems I know to be profitable in the long-term and it works.

    That being said, below are some things, I've learned along the way that have helped me go from a horrible trader to a consistently profitable one. If you can master these I think you can make it in the currency exchange world too:

    Use a demo account - and go back to a demo account every time you start to lose confidence or a significant portion of your equity - you should use a demo account until you've got your trades down to a science. You should get your trading style down to a consistent, systematic approach. Do the same thing every time. The hardest thing about trading real money is the emotions. When using demo account it is no problem to trade 2 lots with a 50-pip stop - the setup and risk/reward looks good right? When you start trading real money all you can think of is that you have 2 50-pip stops (or $1000) at risk that you don't want to lose. Practicing over and over with the demo account gives you the confidence to say: "I've seen this chart setup over and over, I know that it will probably move in my favour. If it doesn't and I take a loss I know that this trading technique is solid enough that over time it will be profitable."

    Just my two cents and I hope this helps!

    Many Thanks

    Wayne and Dave

    If there is one piece of advice that should be issued to every potential Forex trader before they go anywhere near the trading floor (virtual or otherwise) it is this: "You may well arrive at the conclusion that you are always right. Get that idea out of your head now before it is proved to be dead wrong."

    The fact of the matter is that even the most experienced traders, and the most successful of those, have made mistakes in the past. In fact, the ones who have continued to trade for years and made a lot of money will very often be the ones who didn't get overconfident. There is only one thing that can come from absolute confidence, and that is a rude awakening. Allow yourself to consider the phrase "the only thing that I truly know is that I know nothing". Although it may not be quite true, it at least allows you to keep reasonable expectations.

    The simple truth is that a bit of confidence is always worthwhile - it pushes you to make decisions that can be risky but are manageable. Too much confidence however is always bad. It does not allow you to keep an open mind. Without an open mind you will not be able to play the market successfully, as it will often be too late to react and make quick profits. The race, as corny as it sounds, is only against yourself, so take the time to learn its course and you will benefit

    Many Thanks

    Wayne Stokes & Dave Birch

  3. Hi Everyone

    We would love you to join us in our live room at check out our weekly performance on th e website.

    Wayne & Dave

  4. Hi There

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    Now, I know what you're thinking, "Ok, that's cool, but didn't you say in an earlier email that you had used the system to become independently wealthy? How is that possible with such a low risk method?"

    If you're like us, you like to make a lot of money doing as little work as possible. However, to make sure I keep my finger on the pulse of the forex market, I also like to do some manual trading now and then

    So there you have it! Our complete Financial Freedom Pass system that we are releasing to the public on September 13th

    Now that I've given you all of the good news, though, we do have to share a bit of bad news. Half of the subscriptions we selling have already been reserved by anxiously awaiting customers. If you haven't put your name on the waiting list, we strongly encourage you to do so now if you want even a remote chance of getting in on this amazing system. With the response we've gotten so far, they won't last long once we open the doors on September 13t

    All the best,

    Wayne and Dave

  5. Forex Vikings Live Room
    From the desk of Wayne Stokes and Dave Birch

    Hi Everyone

    Have you ever wondered how you can increase your income and have those things that have always been just out of your reach. Well this could be just what you are looking for. Forex Vikings are starting a live trading room where you can sit next to Wayne and Dave and watch them trade live in the morning and in the evening.

    We will hold your hand and walk you through everything you need to know about trading the Forex markets, even if you don’t have an account to trade live, we will help you every step of the way.

    When you sign up for the trading room you will get free proven trading strategies that do work long and short term. Free advice anytime you want it by email or phone, we will be there to help you.

    Places are limited to just 100 people. Launch date was Monday 13th September. Register your e-mail at the website to reserve your space.

    Go now to

    Kind Regards

    Wayne and Dave